What makes The Best English Exam Guide outstanding?

 1. Excellent Reference Book

The Guide is an excellent reference book to help you write and answer well in the English examinations. It is not an ordinary assessment book, which you put away after you have done the assessments. The purpose is to teach you the essential skills and not to test your ability. Use the Guide over and over again until you have learned to write and answer well.

 2. Easy Step-By-Step Method

The Guide uses the easy step-by-step method to teach you how to write creatively. You will learn how to write grammatically correct sentences, construct proper paragraphs and present your ideas in the right order.

 3. Colourful Expressions

The Guide provides a comprehensive list of colourful expressions. You will learn how to use idiomatic phrases, similes and metaphors to add colour and spice to your writing.

 4. Reinforcement Method

The Guide adopts the reinforcement method to teach you how to score full marks in the comprehension and cloze passages sections. The passages are deliberately repeated to help you in the following ways:
Understand the passages very well
Give complete and accurate answers
Learn new and difficult words
Learn all the grammar and vocabulary components