Why use The Best English Exam Guide?

  1. The 18 volumes are not ordinary assessment books.

  2. The entire set for the primary school consists of 16 reference/workbooks, which impart essential skills on creative writing, comprehension and cloze passages to students. The 2 volumes for secondary students cover the complete syllabuses from Secondary 1-4. They cover essay writing, letter writing, report writing, summary writing, language fluency, vocabulary building, film and book reviews.

  3. The notes and exercises given in the 18 volumes are exam-oriented. They teach you how to answer the various questions posed in primary and secondary school English examinations.

  4. The 18 volumes are user friendly. The chapters are well organised.

  5. The Guide provides very detailed and clear explanations.

  6. The Guide uses the easy step-by-step method.

  7. The Guide provides lots of interesting ideas and useful exercises.

  8. The Guide gives answers to all relevant sections.

  9. The Guide can be used as your textbook or supplementary material.

  10. The Guide provides a systematic and integrated approach to learning the essential skills to help you score your A*/A1 in your English examinations.